1.  DO Use Uber

While taxis are plentiful, there’s a good chance you’ll pay a higher fare than a local. Uber is generally cheaper than a taxi with cars that are in better conditions. It’s a great way to get from the airport to Santo Domingo, where the app works well, as it does in Santiago. Plus, you can get a refund from Uber should the ride go wrong.

2.  DO Dance Bachata.

While merengue may be popular, Dominicans have a special love for the locally spawned dance bachata. Whether its solo, open-embrace or close-embrace style, you’re sure to impress and have a better night out if you learn the basic bachata moves before you go. If you’re feeling confident, check out “sensual bachata” on YouTube.

3.  DO Learn a Few Spanish Phrases.

Beyond the major cities and tourist-friendly spots, you won’t encounter many people who speak English. Learning a few key Spanish phrases like “gracias” (thank you) and “por favor” (please) can go a long way in making your trip more pleasant.

4.  DO Be Patient.

If everything in the Dominican Republic seems to take a bit longer, that’s because everything does. Don’t stress about it. Get into the tropical rhythm and understand that most things happen about 30 minutes to an hour later than planned.

5.  DO Use Whatsapp.

While many people from the US still stick with regular SMS and phone calls, the rest of the world has moved on.  People in the Dominican Republic use Whatsapp to communicate- it’s as simple as that. So download the app before you go, get yourself set up.

6.  DON’T Just Wear Shorts.

While you may think cargo shorts are appropriate for everything from a morning stroll to an evening out, be aware that proper attire is important to Dominicans. Locals are especially stylish in Santiago and Santo Domingo. Dressing down is fine for the beach, but you’ll want to be a bit more polished for evening outings. Good shoes, nice pants and a dress shirt are advised for restaurants and clubs.

7.  DON’T Drink Tap Water.

Locals generally don’t. Your body isn’t accustomed to the microbes in the water and you don’t want to spend most of your trip in the bathroom. Use bottled water for drinking and brushing your teeth. Avoid ice cubes. Ask if any coffee or tea you’re served has been brewed with purified water.

8.  DON’T Use US Dollars.

While many restaurants, shops and services accept US dollars, chances are you’ll pay a bit extra in the exchange. Get the best rate by withdrawing Dominican pesos from an ATM, which allow you to take out up to 10,000 pesos (around 200 dollars) each day.

9.  Finally, find yourself some Mamajuana

What’s that – you don’t know what Mamajuana is?  Your Dominican Republic Escort does!  Referred to as the “Dominican Viagra,” this potent concoction is made with rum, red wine, honey, herbs, and spices.  It packs and kick and is sure to make the night special.  Find yourself some of the good stuff, drink it down, and have an excellent time!



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