Essential reading for someone booking a Companion for the first time, please find below answers to our most common questions.
Please note that Dominican Dream Girl maintains the highest standards for our Companions and our Clients. We adhere to all legal guidelines, as well as our own best standards and practices.
If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, please contact us by phone or email.

Dream Girls

Are your models all full time escorts?

No, all our Dream Girls enjoy their discreet connection with you as fun. Most of the beauties are working on their careers (modeling, promotions, or other events).Alternatively, they are continuing their academic studies. 

What does the Dream Girl come dressed like?

Our Dream Girls like to turn heads, not raise eyebrows; it is not our business to draw unnecessary attention to ourselves. When entering a hotel or residence, they will be discreet and very well dressed for the occasion. Under no circumstances do we wear anything casual, which includes denim, workout gear, sneakers, or flip flops.

I/We are have a bachelor party. Can entertainment/dancers be booked through Dominican Dream Girl?

Anything is possible.  Give us a call!


What will be my additional costs? 

Restaurants, excursions, drinks, dancing, taxis, etc.: all these as with all expenses will be your responsibility, the girls will pay nothing. If you are in a resort and want a model to meet for a short time, you will have to pay the resort for a day or the desired time. 

Where do the appointments take place? 

You decide where to get to know your Dream Girl. You may wish to go for a lovely dinner, or enjoy cocktails somewhere enjoyable. Our exclusive models are accustomed to high-end environments with a pleasant ambiance, and expect suitable arrangements to be made for their time with you. 

I need to cancel my appointment; what should I do?

Initially, please give as much notice as possible, as soon as you know. The model reserves your appointment in her schedule, and it is an inconvenience to her to have her time and preparation plans wasted. If the appointment was a travel appointment, we require 72 hours’ notice. Cancellation with less than 72 hours’ notice could result in forfeited airfares. Your downpayment will be held in credit for six (6) months, during which time you are welcome to book the model again, or use your funds to be introduced to other models. Your funds will be forfeited if they are not used within the six (6) month period. 

If you are cancelling a local appointment, we also appreciate as much notice as possible, for the same reason. The models clear their schedules to spend time with you, and spend money on preparing themselves for you. It is an inconvenience to her to have her appointment cancelled without a respectful amount of notice. Please treat your model escort as you would treat any girlfriend. Few would appreciate last-minute cancellations without you making it up to her. 

If you are cancelling the appointment locally, and she has already arrived with you, it would be appreciated to do the gentlemanly thing and offer the model a cancellation fee to cover her transport costs and preparation time. 

(The no-cancellation-fee as part of the 100% guarantee, ONLY applies if you are cancelling because the model is unsuitable for you. If you are cancelling for any other reason, a polite cancellation fee will be expected, as a gesture of consideration. Usually this is the downpayment you made to book your Dream girl. If you book that same model within the week, your downpayment can be used towards your appointment, minus transport costs. Just secure a date in her schedule for that week, and your cancellation funds can go towards that appointment.) 

For how long can I book my Dream Girl? 

You’re welcome to invite a model out of town to stay with you as long as you wish – we have nightly, weekend, weekly, monthly and even yearly appointment packages available. However ultimately the choice is down to the model herself, as to where she visits, and for how long. We’ll always inquire with her regarding your preferred booking time. Everyone has rights at Dominican Dream girl.

The models frequently visit for weekends, week-long vacations, and even occasional hedonistic month-long companionship. There are always the specialized 6 months and 12 month ‘no-obligation-relationship’ contracts to opt for also. These are a great idea for when you’ve broke up with someone and need a reliable and appropriate’place holder’ to accompany you to dinners and events, keeping up appearances and providing you with companionship and affection, while you recover and meet someone new. 

Please inquire with us if you’re interested in this kind of relationship arrangement. Only certain models will be available for these appointments, with conditions attached. but they can be very effective arrangements, and certainly financially efficient, as opposed to booking hundreds of different girls over that time period. 

What travel expenses will there be? 

If you’d like to invite a Dream Girl to accompany you outside of her home town, her travel costs will be added to the fee for her time. We will discuss the details of this with you when you book. We will always attempt to keep travel costs as reasonable as possible.

For the discretion of the models, we will always arrange her flight itinerary. Whilst reasonable sensibility in regards to expenses is understood, your generosity in not ‘cutting corners’ when booking the model for travel visits is appreciated.  

It is never acceptable asking the model to purchase he rown food… (Yes, people have actually tried to do those things…!) – You have invited her there as your special guest. Please treat her like one. 

Who do you recommend from your Portfolio? Who is the “best” Dream Girl you have?

We stand strongly behind all ladies we represent and cannot recommend one lady over another as everyone has their own specific preferences. We have exceedingly high standards in who we hire and represent, and feel you will be very pleased with our service. Our Portfolio is fun to browse and any specific questions can be addressed by calling in to inquire.

I had a bad experience at another agency, how do I know that Dream Girl’s will deliver?

We have a reputation that is stellar in the Escort Service Industry. If you are not completely satisfied please let us know so we can work to rectify the situation immediately.

Can I use your agency as a reference with other providers?

Yes, of course. The safety of everyone in this industry is something we strongly believe in. We only provide references if you have used our services within the past calendar year.


How do I pay the model escort? 

Payment for your appointment is done online using PayPal or any major credit card. or by calling us. Regardless of your method of payment, the payment is made directly to us, 

We require a twenty percent (20%) downpayment to book time with a Dream Girl.  After the model calls to let us know that she has arrived, we will charge the remainder of your fee. After payment confirmation has been madein the correct amount, your dream night can begin.

The model will never ask or expect payment for your time together.

Some gentlemen prefer to pay a retainer, so they can call at any time to easily and quickly book their Dream Girl to join them wherever they are. We accept a minimum $10,000 retainer.

In what circumstances do I need to pre-pay?

You will always need to make a twenty percent (20%) deposit to gaurantee your appointment with any Dream Girl. The remainder of the fee will be charged upon the Dream Girl’s arrival.

If you are booking a travel companion or a longer term appointment, we will require a fifty percent (50%) in advance. You can make your payment via credit card or PayPal.

Please be aware that no appointment plans can be made until your deposit has been received and confirmed. We can provide you with a professional invoice from our discreet billing system, with no mention of adult services.

Our payment methods are 100% safe and honored in any case. 

May I tip my Dream Girl?

Yes. Tipping is always appreciated but never expected.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, use PayPal and we accept all major credit cards.

Privacy and Security

How do you guarantee my privacy?

Discretion is our #1 priority for you. All correspondence is protected and kept 100% confidential, forever. We do not keep records, and when your appointment is over, your details are destroyed. Your details are NEVER disclosed to a third party outside of the agency. All our models and staff sign a legal non-disclosure agreement, with the knowledge that she will be pursued with legal action should she ever share any information about the agency or the clients, ever. Discretion is guaranteed and the same is respectfully expected from you, as the same legal obligation applies. (Please see our disclaimer, to understand what you agree to by visiting our website and patronizing the agency.) 

Can I videotape, photograph, or share to social media my experience with a Companion?

No. We want to ensure that everyone has a good time and that everyone’s privacy is protected. You’re welcome to tweet a picture of your meal, but not your dinner date.

That privacy protection goes both ways. Our Companions will not photograph/videotape you either. Any violations of privacy or safety will be reported to local authorities.

Do you keep my information?

No we do not keep client information. However should a Client violate the terms and conditions of an encounter with our Companions, we will keep that client’s information on our blacklist – i.e. that Client is no longer welcome to book a Dominican Dream Girl.

I’m well known within my industry/social circles and would like my private life to remain private. How do you ensure this?

Celebrity and public figure confidentiality agreements are more than welcome, as long as they include provisions to protect the privacy and safety of the Dream Girl team.