Places your Dominican Republic Escort loves in Santiago, DR

Santiago, the Dominican Republic’s second largest city, is known as a bustling area with lots to see and do. Less popular with tourists than Santo Domingo, the city retains an authentic vibe. But among its many monuments and museums, the Barrio Italia stands out as one of the city’s most rapidly evolving districts. It’s spent the last few years morphing from a historically blue-color neighborhood to become one of the trendiest areas in the city, and it shows. The entire district is packed with boutique coffee shops, gelaterias, and cafes. New stores have popped up inside old homes. Art galleries mingle in with vendors. And, best of all, Barrio Italia rocks some amazing food. You can spend days attempting to eat your way through the Barrio and not get through it all. From quick stops to signature dining, the Barrio has it all.

It’s got a number of restaurants that will tantalize your tastebuds. Take a beautiful Dominican escort here on a nice night out. Barrio Italia is that kind of place- electric and buzzing with activity.

So where should you go?

  • Taberna Andaluza– Taberna Andaluza is an authentic Spanish restaurant tucked away in the heart of the Barrio. Order some tapas and gazpacho and watch the world go by.
  • Casa Luz– an excellent place for a date, Casa Luz is an upscale restaurant serving modern experimental fare. It’s not considered cheap by Dominican Republic standards, so be prepared. The food, however, is exemplary, and the wine list is one of the best you’ll find in the city, so she’ll be suitably impressed.
  • Da Noi– It’s not named the Barrio Italia for nothing. Da Noi is an Italian restaurant with excellent handmade pasta. Very fresh, completely filling, it’s an wonderful place to kill a few hours while waiting for the sun to set. (And the dancing to start! After all, you are in the Dominican Republic).
  • Puerto De La Barra– Last, but certainly not least, the Puerto De La Barra is a healthy eating option for those days when you’re feeling like you need a few vegetables in your life. The highest rated restaurant in the entire Barrio, it sports a huge, open, salad bar with plenty of options.


But wait! What about after dinner?

Like we mentioned, the Barrio has tons of little cafes and ice cream shops. But it also has its very own chocolate shop.

  • Xoco Por Ti is a lovely little place on a corner which creates and sells gourmet chocolate. An excellent stop for an after dinner dessert, treat your date to some handcrafted candies for a cap to a truly wonderful evening.

Finally, head to Ruca Bar for their specialty Gin and Tonics. They’ve got a whopping twelve different Gin drinks for you to try, which certainly means you’ll have to be back a time or two. Right?

The Barrio Italia is one of Santiago’s best new locations to visit. It’s unique, authentic, and nearly empty of tourists, which means you’ll get to experience the best of the Dominican Republic without wading through the hordes of people. Have a coffee, enjoy your company, and enjoy the food. And welcome to the Dominican Republic!