Everyone knows the real way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach. Flowers are fine, and jewelry is pretty, but nothing will win her over quite like a good meal. And if you’re heading to the Dominican Republic, you’re in luck- you have a plethora of options to choose from. Eat your way through the country, get a taste of the local culture, and impress her with your knowledge (and…cooking skills?) with these top ten foods to try in the Dominican Republic.

1. Mangu– A dish born in the Dominican Republic, Mangu is usually found at breakfast. It’s plantain mash, and when served with fried eggs, salami, and cheese, it goes by the name Los Tres Golpes. It’s incredibly popular, and can even be found at the dinner table.

2. Sancocho– Though many countries have different versions of Sancocho, this stew is at its finest in the Dominican Republic. It comes in different varieties, with the the “special” version, Sancocho de Siete Carnes, containing seven different types of meat from four different animals.

3. Kipes (Quipes) – These deep fried fritters are the result of Middle Eastern food evolved to uniquely Dominican tastes. Originating from kibbeh, which is Lebanese, these are excellent to share and very filling. They’re meaty, with a blend of spices that mix to create some awesome flavors.

4. Dominican Yucca Empandas– Another commonly found dish throughout Latin America, Dominican Yucca Empanadas are unique in that they’re created with yucca, and come in many different varieties. You can often find these on the street, and they’re cheap and easy to eat.

5. Tostones– Tostones, well, what can we say about them? They’re fried plantains (which have already been mashed) and nearly ubiquitous in the Dominican Republic. They’re found everywhere, and eaten throughout the day. What’s not to like? Often served as a side to meat dishes, you’ll definitely need to try these if you’re looking to get some Dominican flavors.

6. Chimichurri– Very popular sandwiches in the Dominican Republic, these burgers are also a street food (try them with your empanadas!) and are topped with cabbage and a sweet sauce, making them uniquely different from the traditional hamburger. You won’t be disappointed.

7. Bizchocho Dominicano– Speaking of dessert, Dominican cake is some of the best you’ll find. Traditionally filled with pineapple, these cakes are light, buttery, and just the perfect amount of sweet. You’ll find them at all sorts of celebrations, from birthdays to weddings, so there are plenty of opportunities to try them.

8. Habichuelas Con Dulce– Literally meaning “sweet cream of beans,” this is a traditional dish served during Lenten, and is made as a dessert- as weird as it may seem. For some serious props with your lady friend, bring up your favorite Habichuelas Con Dulce recipe- everyone has one!

Of course, there are tons of different foods for you to try while you’re in the Dominican Republic- from appetizers, to street eats, to quirky desserts, the flavors you’ll find in the Dominican Republic are unlike anywhere else you’ll find in the world. This comes as a result of the DR’s unique history- which blends cultures all over into an excellent mix of flavor, freshness, and taste, and which you- as a lucky visitor- can try! So dig in, eat up, and don’t forget to dating a Dominican girl with these delicious foods.


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